The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Jakarta commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Independence of Afghanistan in a reception held at the Westin hotel in Jakarta, on 19th September 2019. H.E. Aref Yahya, Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia, was the Guest of Honor of the event. The reception was attended by ambassadors and diplomats of more than 50 countries in Jakarta, members and directors of international organizations, educational and cultural institutions, non-governmental agencies, Jakarta authorities, Afghan businessmen, students and immigrants.
The Centennial Independence Celebration also featured Milli Attan (Afghan National Dance), performed by Afghan students in Indonesia, a concert performed by Mr. Arash Barez, a famous Afghan vocalist who came from Afghanistan for the event and Mr. Augus Pramata, an Indonesian vocalists who is famous all over Afghanistan as he participated in the Afghan Star contest, reaching one of the top most levels and can sing in Pashto and Dari, the two official languages of Afghanistan. There was also an exhibition of Afghan carpets and precious and semi-precious stones from Afghanistan, held by Afghan businessmen in Jakarta.
Guests of the event also enjoyed drinking Saffron Tea and eating dry fruits from Afghanistan all through the event.

Guests of the event also enjoyed drinking Saffron Tea and eating dry fruits from Afghanistan all through the event.


After the National anthems of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Republic of Indonesia were played, in his speech, H.E. Faizullah Zaki Ibrahimi, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Indonesia said: “After people’s long struggle for freedom, on 19 August 1919 King Amanullah proclaimed the complete independence of Afghanistan from colonial rule of Great Britain. Shortly after that, the British Royal Government recognized the independence of Afghanistan by signing an Agreement and Afghanistan rose up as the first Asian nation that had been liberated from the yoke of colonial rule.”
H.E. Ambassador Ibrahimi also spoke about the successful and failed efforts to establish a democratic system, jihad and resistance, the rise and fall of various political regimes, devastating imposed wars, mass migrations, mass repatriations and other widespread problems, and the continuing struggle of Afghans to maintain and preserve their independence, national sovereignty, territorial integrity and their high cultural values, during this period.
H.E. the Afghan Ambassador expressed his gratitude for the efforts of all the friendly governments cooperating to bring an end to war and establish a lasting and just peace in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and to facilitate dialogue among Afghans. He stated that the establishment of peace in our country will result in stability in the region and will expedite the development process in it. He added that the successful end of the fourth presidential election in our country will undoubtedly strengthen and enhance the process of peace, stability, implementation of reforms and economic development

In his speech, H. E. Arief Yahya, Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia, conveyed the congratulations and good wishes of the Government and people of the Republic of Indonesia on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Independence Afghanistan and spoke about the good relations between Afghanistan and Indonesia in the last more than 6 (six) decades. Minister Yahya added that the state visits of H.E. President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani to Jakarta-Indonesia and H.E. President Joko Widodo to Kabul-Afghanistan, have strengthened our bilateral relations, further.

Gallery of Afghanistan Independence Anniversary

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