Passport Requirements:

Please read the directions carefully, complete the application form and return it to the Consulate along with other required documents as stated below.

 Main requirements:

  1. Original National ID (TAZKIRA) must have been attested by Afghanistan authority offices.
  2. If you do not have TAZKIRA, you are not eligible to obtain a passport. Please click on this link to apply for Absentee Tazkira prior to applying for a passport: Click Here
  3.  Four Passport Size photos: Must be (2×2) inches, background must be white.
  4.  Presence of the applicant at the Consulate section of the Embassy for fingerprints.
  5.  Former passport: It is mandatory to bring your previous Afghan Passport to the consulate if you have been issued one in the past. If your passport has been lost or stolen, please submit a police report with your application and a copy of your passport.

 Passport Fees:

  1. Price of the new Passport: The fee for the digital passport is $120.00, for the period of five years and must be paid to the Parmata Bank and bank receipt must be submitted to the consulate section. for lost passport fee is 220 USD. THE FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE.
  2. Shipping Fees from Canberra to Jakarta must be paid by the applicant.
  3. Old passport expiration penalty fees: If the old passport is expired, the following penalty will apply.
  • Three months past validity date on passport: $5.00
  • Six months past validity date on passport: $10.00
  • Nine months past validity date on passport: $15.00
  • Twelve months past validity date on passport: $20.00

 Note: You may calculate the fees if the validity is passed one year.


The issuance of a new machine-readable Afghan passport normally takes 7 to 10 business days. It may take longer in exceptional circumstances.

  1. Passport Application Form: Click Here
  2. (Passport Form Must be filled completely and ready for submission)
Passport Size Photo

2X2 Inches – White  Background