Formal Name: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Jamhuri-ye Eslami-ye-Afghanestan (Dari), Da Afghanistan Islami Jumhurayt (Pashto)

Motto: لا إله إلا الله، محمد رسول الله
Lā ʾilāha ʾillā llāh, Muhammadun rasūlu llāh

Short Form: Afghanistan.

Term for Citizen(s): Afghan(s).

Capital: Kabul.

Major Cities: Herat (Hirat), Jalalabad, Kandahar (Qandahar), Kondoz (Kunduz), and Mazar-e Sharif.

Independence: Afghanistan recognizes its independence day as August 19, the date in 1919 when the country became fully independent of British rule.



Flag: The background of the Afghan flag is three equal vertical sections of black, red, and green from left to right. In the center of the flag in yellow or white is the national coat of arms, which portrays a mosque with a banner and a sheaf of wheat on either side. In the upper-middle part of the insignia are the lines “There is no Click to Enlarge Image God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet” and “Allah is Great,” together with a rising sun. The word “Afghanistan” and the year 1298 (the Muslim calendar equivalent of the year of independence, 1919) are located in the lower part of the insignia



Location: Afghanistan is located in Central Asia, north and west of Pakistan, east of Iran, and south of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. The narrow Wakhan Corridor extends from northeasternmost Afghanistan to meet with China.

Land Boundaries: Afghanistan has borders with the following countries: China, 76 kilometers; Iran, 936 kilometers; Pakistan, 2,430 kilometers; Tajikistan, 1,206 kilometers; Turkmenistan, 744 kilometers; and Uzbekistan, 137 kilometers.

The Population: Almost is 32.2 million, mostly Composed of ethnic Pashtuns, Tajiks, Hazaras and Uzbeks.

Size: Afghanistan occupies approximately 647,500 square kilometers.


and largest city

33°N 65°ECoordinates: 33°N 65°E
Official languages ·        Pashto, Dari
Ethnic groups ·        42% Pashtun

·        27% Tajik

·        9% Hazara

·        9% Uzbek

·        4% Aimaq

·        3% Turkmen

·        2% Baloch

·        4% others

Religion ·        99.7% Muslims

·        0.3% others

Currency Afghani (AFS) (AFN)
Time Zone UTC+4:30 Solar Calendar
Calling Code +93
Deriving Side   Right
Government Unitary presidential Islamic republic
• President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani
• 1st Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum
• 2nd Vice President Sarwar Danish
• Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah


• 1st Vice Chief Executive Mohammad Khan
• 2nd Vice Chief Executive Mohammad Mohaqeq